The Difference Between A Self-Taught Pianist and One Who Has Received Lessons

To some, the title of a self-taught musician holds a lot of value – after all, it is a big achievement. Yet, many of these artists look back at their trial-and-error stages, identifying the areas they could’ve mastered in the first go.

For this group, the ease that comes with learning the piano at their own pace is great. However, taking private piano lessons from a professional teacher brings a new level of expertise. Not only does the learning process become more organized, but it also takes considerably less time to master the instrument at hand.

Learning by yourself, you can either make the most out of your sessions, or end up completely wasting your time. On the other hand, with an expert piano teacher, you’ll benefit from individual instructions as well as regular practice.

Here are a few differences between self-taught pianists and those who have learned through professional guidance.

The Self-Taught Pianist

If you think you can simply grab an instrument and play the right notes, you are in for a surprise. Many beginners quit due to a lack of guidance and direction, and often, solo sessions leave the player frustrated and confused. The world might have missed out on the next Beethoven because no one was there to guide him or her!

Difficulty in Playing Rhythms

A self-taught pianist faces difficulty in differing between certain keys and notes, and has a hard time learning how to match them. The procedure goes something like this – learning the key names, combining notes to form chords, and then creating a melody. However, if you are not able to correctly read the notes, it is inevitable that you will mix them up, leading to bad intervals.

Hand Positions

Self-taught pianists often complain that they find it difficult to play the keys with both hands. Why? This is because pianists have to play differently from their right hands and their left hands. Unlike a piano teacher, not many tutorials will teach you how to do so. Since the C Key on the right hand is different than the C of the left hand side, playing with both hands can be seriously tricky.

No Feedback

A self-learner only relies on himself to identify mistakes. As the best way to learn anything is through instructions and criticism, a self-taught pianist will probably make the same mistakes over and over.

Inconsistent Sound

A self-taught pianist is likely to play the same song repeatedly but still not be able to master the rhythm or be consistent. Comparatively, a pianist who has received lessons will be able to play consistently, wherever and whenever.

Not Knowing the Right Finger Exercises

Being self-taught, you may not know the right finger exercises to strengthen your hands and wrists. Building strength and speed is important to accurately playing the keys on the piano, and a self-learner will not be able to learn the different tips and tricks on their own.

How A Piano Lesson Can Be Helpful

Personalized Instructions

With piano lessons from a professional teacher, you benefit from individual feedback and instructions. It becomes rather easy to know your progress. Everything from creating a melody to the right finger movements is taught to you by a professional teacher. Hence, you get first-hand criticism and guidance from an expert, allowing you to continuously improve yourself based on feedback.

Accountability and Motivation

What if, as a self-taught pianist, you get stuck on a difficult piece? Someone who takes piano lessons is unlikely to get stuck, since an experienced teacher will be there to provide instant guidance. Hence, if you are getting help from a teacher, you will be able to learn (and master) even tricky compositions.

An Expert Sets the Pace

You may want to learn as fast as you can, but an expert will make sure you learn by following the right pace. Unlike a self-taught pianist, an expert will help you choose the right direction and musical style that best fits your abilities. With a teacher, you can be sure that you know where you’re headed!

Learning how to play the piano by yourself can be a great experience, but a music teacher make it even more enjoyable. If you’re looking for a local professional teacher, contact Lessons In Your Home. We’re ready to share our passion for music with you!

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