How Private Voice Lessons Help You Improve

The benefits a singer receives from private voice lessons extend not only into the musical arena, but outside into the real world as well. Voice students are required to make a commitment, discipline themselves to practice, and build confidence to perform in front of a crowd. What’s learned in lessons easily translate in to helpful skills that kids can use in and outside of the classroom.

If you need any more reasons to sign your child up for private voice lessons, below are five ways they help students improve outside of the musical arena.

1. Good Study Habits

Voice lessons in Atlanta require rigorous practice, dedication, and memorization, forcing the mind to adapt. As students progress through private lessons, their brains are challenged to quickly process new information and develop techniques for breaking down a piece. From this endeavor, students emerge with seasoned study habits, ready for performance on stage, and out in the real world.

2. Discipline and Focus

Singing takes concentration, and students who regularly take private lessons learn responsibility and devotion necessary to succeed at music, and out in the real world. As they work to expand their vocal range and learn new songs, students hone their focus and devotion to the task at hand.

Learners will need to practice outside of each session, so as students meet this criterion over time, they build up their personal discipline. It goes without saying that the discipline and focus they learn to apply to perfecting their voice will serve them well as a young adult and beyond.

3. Listening and Speaking Skills

Proper tone, diction, and articulation are necessary components to learn in voice lessons. Adapting to a tune, slowing or speeding their singing to match the appropriate rhythm, are necessary skills our lessons teach.

Over time, students improve the clarity and quality of their speech, allowing them to become effective communicators and listeners outside of the classroom. Being able to adequately express oneself is a crucial skill in the real world, a lesson our private sessions teach students over time.

4. Confidence

The personalized attention students receive during private lessons grants them a safe place for expression. Being on the spot, forced to sing from the heart and not the head, builds confidence within a student to be themselves in front of just about any audience.

As students face their fears and sing in front of instructors, parents, and a concert-hall audience, their confidence and sense of self-worth is strengthened, further preparing them for interviews and presentations in the real world.

5. Improved Academic Skills

Voice lessons test multi-tasking, coordination, as well as right and left-brain functions. As a result, students typically come to possess improved math and science skills through the incorporation of ratios, fractions, counting, pacing, and sequencing.

Singing ultimately integrates mathematics, reading, spatial relations and emotional expression—schools of thought which boost brain activity and foster analytical and problem-solving skills. Consequently, students who actively seek to improve their voice through private lessons can also improve their classroom performance.


Private voice lessons are not only about improving ones singing ability; they also teach students how to confidently approach the world as educated young adults. Lessons In Your Home students develop skills that not only serve them in the concert hall, but in the workplace and their private lives as the next generation.  Contact us today to find a voice teacher near you.

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