8 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About the Piano

Playing the piano can be a lot of fun for kids and adults. This instrument is one of the largest and most complex out there, and it’s used in everything from classical orchestras to modern music.

As one of the most recognized and played instruments around, its history is quite interesting. Before you sign up for piano lessons in Atlanta, brush up on your piano trivia with these fun facts.

It’s Not that Old

The piano as we know it today isn’t that old. The first piano was built in 1709 by Bartolomeo di Francesco Cristofori. It has its history in the harpsichord, and it was incredibly expensive. In fact, only the extremely rich and royalty had pianos for years. It wasn’t until the 1800s that they became more publicly available. As far as instruments go, there are many that are older than the piano. Archeologists have found some bone flutes that date back to prehistoric times.

It’s Very Complex

One of the reasons the piano is a fairly young instrument is that it’s also a very complex one. Pianos have over 12,000 parts, most of which move in some way, including different types of piano pedals. In comparison, a car has around 30,000 parts total.

It’s the “King of Musical Instruments”

Because of its complexity, the piano is capable of producing an incredibly wide range of sounds. It can also play both the melody and accompaniment at the same time, one of only a handful of instruments capable of doing so. While some instruments need to be played as a part of a group or orchestra to truly shine, the piano can sound amazing all on its own.

It’s Technically a Percussion Instrument

A piano has strings, so it must be a stringed instrument, right? Technically, the piano is classified as a percussion instrument, though this has often led to some debates among musicians. However, the actual sound is made when the hammers connected to the keys hit the strings, making it a percussion instrument.

It Needs a Lot of Strings

A piano can’t produce its full range of tones and sounds unless it has 230 strings. These strings have a lot of pressure on them. In fact, most standard pianos have around 20 tons of pressure on the strings.

A Piano has Sold for $3M

The piano in question was created for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing by Heintzman Pianos, a Canadian piano manufacturer. This unique piano was named the Crystal Piano because it’s created out of transparent materials, allowing listeners to actually see how the inner workings of the piano move when it’s played. After the Olympics, the piano was put up for auction, with the winner paying $3.22 million to take it home.

It’s One of the Most Common Instruments to Learn

The piano is one of the most-played instruments in the country, and not just in a professional sense. There are over 18 million people who play the piano as a hobby. Some learn in college while others have been in lessons since they were kids.

The Piano Helps Your Brain Work Better

Finally, studies have shown that learning to play the piano can actually improve brain function. Several studies have looked at the link between children who play the piano and schoolwork, and researchers concluded that learning to play does improve their performance in other areas. The discipline required to learn the piano, along with the creativity and focus needed, can have a lasting impact on other areas of life.

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