10 Apps That Will Make Your Child Excited to Learn Music

Investing in your child’s musical ability early on can lead to incredible life skills for them later in life. By learning an instrument, or how to sing and dance, your child builds confidence, self-expression, communication, and discipline.

Music teachers will likely recommend complementing their lesson with music apps out to support your child’s learning. Below are 10 apps that can help teach your child musical ability, or at the very least, get them excited for their next private music lesson.

1. Baby Mozart – Children Music (Infant-Toddler, iTunes, free)

It’s never too early for your child to start listening to music. As an infant, this app helps lullaby your baby to sleep while simultaneously developing their musical ability. Its content includes high-quality classical music tracks, nursery rhymes, lullabies, and audio flashcards. This app is free but allows for in-app purchases related to other musical packages, such as holiday songs.

2. Music Sparkles – Musical Instruments Collection (Toddler, iTunes, free)

For the next age range, Music Sparkles encourages creativity with its interactive instruments and multi-touch play. This app features a xylophone, drums, and five other assorted instruments for your child to play with their tiny fingers. It introduces children to musical concepts such as playing in key, rhythm, scales, and intervals, and is a perfect interactive experience for little ones.

3. Peg + Cat Big Gig (Toddler, iTunes, Amazon App Store, free)

If you’re ready for your toddler to take their music abilities to the next level, this app is for them! Designed around the popular PBS Kids show Ped + Cat, this app allows your child to learn about music and timing, how to write sheet music, how to create dance routines, and much more! It includes all of your child’s favorite characters from the show, and gives them the opportunity for different characters to play music created and directed by your child.

4. Chordana Play (Toddler-Child, iTunes, Google Play, free)

This app satisfies the curiosity of a child who wants to learn the piano. Chordana is surprisingly easy for children to follow and teaches them how to play the piano and read sheet music (on the screen). Although it comes loaded with 50 songs, it allows users to upload as many MIDI files as they like to expand their selection of music to play.

5. PBS Kids Party (Toddler-Child, iTunes, Google Play, free)

This easy-to-use app helps your young child explore their voices and movement, and learn the joy of music. This app features a variety of games that teach skills such as dance, choreography, and singing, and includes a sound recorder which your child is sure to enjoy playing around with.

6. Go Noodle (Toddler-Child, iTunes, free)

This fun and intuitive app features hundreds of videos designed to teach your child choreography, singing, and techniques, even things like breathing and meditation. The app touts itself as one that simultaneously boosts your child’s productivity and improves their behavior, two areas many parents appreciate help with.

7. Magic Piano (Child-Teen, iTunes, Google Play, free)

This app allows kids to follow along to classical music or their favorite pop songs while tapping the screen to follow the beat. This app is perfect for subtly getting your child into a musical mood or encouraging them to take up a musical instrument. The app comes with songs included, and also allows for the purchase of additional songs via in-app purchases.

8. Sing! By Smule (Child-Teen, iTunes, Google Play, free)

This recording studio app allows your child to sing along to their favorite song while recording themselves. Users can playback past performances, save their video and share it with friends, and improve their singing ability and stage presence over time.

9. Music Tutor Sight Read Lite (Child-Teen, Google Play, free)

This app offers helpful quizzes and short lessons for children learning how to read and write music. Music Tutor is perfect for practice between music lessons, and for getting your child interested in learning how to write their own music.

10. Theory Lessons (Pre-Teen, Teen, iTunes, $2.99)

This app includes 39 animated music theory lessons for your child interested in learning higher-level musical concepts. This app is ideal for older kids who may consider the previous apps too basic. Theory Lessons also offers classes for free on its website for those without an Apple device.

If you’re looking to develop your child’s musical ability, keep in mind that these apps are best used in tandem with private music lessons. For these lessons, look no further than Lessons In Your Home! We offer fun, in-home music lessons that inspire students and parents alike! Contact or call us today at 1-800-826-0988.

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