Why In Home Piano Lessons in D.C. Beat Studio Lessons

If you have ever sat in traffic for an hour on the Beltway during rush hour just to cover five exits, you may already know why in home music lesson in general can be more convenient than studio lessons in the D.C. area. This is a high traffic location, and for many busy families, the convenience of having a teacher come to you eliminates the travel for an extra-curricular activity.

However, travel is not the only reason that in home piano lessons beat studio lessons. Coming to your home allows the student and teacher to connect in a greater way due to the family and environment relationship that can be gained. Students are often most

It’s so much easier to have siblings work on duets on there own piano in their own home!

comfortable in their own homes, as they are not going to a new location that is foreign to them—we are coming into their environment. This simple fact can ease nervousness and allow them to be freer in their musical expression. Also, this turns the home into a place of learning, which can encourage a connection with practice and creativity.

Teachers coming in to your home also get to see what piano or keyboard the student is using, which is a big plus in customizing the learning experience and making sure the techniques we are teaching will work for all piano varieties. If your piano needs tuning or repair, we can help in letting you know and offer suggestions on who you can contact for assistance. Also, if we see that a particular key is not working or sticking, or that a pedal that can’t be used that week, we can adjust the hand position or modify the song so that the student can still practice comfortably.

Lastly, parents don’t have to wait in the studio while the student is having their lesson. The parent can eliminate the need for time out of their day and can go about their normal routine. This also can lead to having more schedule flexibility for lessons, in home teachers always base scheduling from the beginning around what times can and will work for you, not the other way around. In studios, maybe your preferred time is already taken.

Of course any lessons are better then no lessons so Start Lessons Now!

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