The Guitar and Its Popularity Among Kids

Learning how to play the guitar is not just fun; according to research, it can also enhance your physical and mental health. Moreover, guitars are one of the most popular musical instruments, making them a perfect choice for children and adults alike.

However, research by Vanderbilt University suggests that it is better to learn the guitar – or any musical instrument– from an expert. Musicians who learn how to play the guitar by observing experts typically excel over those who learn through other ways, such as eyeballing sheet music. Therefore, for those looking to master the art of playing the guitar, the best way to learn is with a guitar teacher in Atlanta.

Here, we take a look at some of the reasons parents love for their children to pick up the guitar.

Improves Memory and Focus

Since playing the guitar requires you to focus on multiple tasks, such as reading music notes while learning to strum, it can improve memory and focus. Guitar lessons can also improve muscle memory and cognitive skills, allowing your child to channel their energy into something positive.

Takes Away Stress

Music helps you unwind – there is just no denying it. Playing the guitar can feel almost therapeutic and participating in a private guitar lesson, or a guitar session with friends is a great way to relieve stress.

Builds Social Skills

It is said that music is a universal language and has the power to engage people from different backgrounds. As such, music allows you to formulate social bonds and helps like-minded people come together. Hence, it is common for people, especially kids, to build meaningful relationships through music, such as playing the guitar.

Boosts Confidence

Mastering something as cool as a guitar can certainly boost your child’s confidence – especially as it allows them to express themselves without words. As they start to improve, you will also be able to see some positive effects on their self-esteem. They will start feeling more confident, not only in their music skills, but also in themselves.

Good for Health

Although sore fingers can be a side effect of strumming the guitar, playing the guitar can improve health by lowering blood pressure and strengthening the hand and wrist muscles. Additionally, playing a guitar can significantly lower stress and improve mental health.

Provides a Sense of Accomplishment

Learning any skill can provide you a sense of satisfaction and achievement, and learning the guitar is no different. Imagine mastering tricky notes and difficult riffs, followed by song writing and music composition – wouldn’t your child feel good to show everyone just how talented they are with a guitar?

Ignites Creativity

Once your child starts playing a guitar the right way, they can do much more than just strum their favorite tune. Remember, music is a form of expression and can help bring out children’s creative side. With time, they start composing their own tunes as a form of self-expression.

Addition to Your Skills

Young people are all about skills – they are always on the lookout to learn something new. Being able to play a guitar is a valuable skill, even if they don’t plan to make a career of it. They can always play for friends and family when asked, or in family gatherings.

Improves Time Management

When beginning practice, kids learn how to manage their time, especially if they’re taking lessons from an expert guitar teacher. This means practicing for a specific amount of time, every day without fail, so they don’t forget their lessons.

Whether playing the guitar is your child’s hobby or a passion that they want to take forward, they should learn how to play from an expert guitar teacher – especially since this is a skill that once mastered, they will always remember. Our teachers at Lessons In Your Home will help your child reach his or her full musical potential. Contact us today to schedule your lesson.

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