How to Shop for an Acoustic Piano

Shopping for a piano is a bit like shopping for a car. You should check out different makes and models, shop around at different dealers, and take test drives to make sure you’re getting the instrument you’ll be happy with in the long term. And if you’re considering a used piano, you might want to take along a mechanic (piano technician or piano teacher) to uncover any past or potential defects. This article provides some basic guidelines to help those who are new to the world of piano make more informed decisions in the face of a multitude of options.

Getting Your First Piano

The first challenge facing many beginning piano students (and their parents) is obtaining a suitable piano or keyboard. Should you get an acoustic piano or a digital keyboard? Should you rent or buy? Where should you shop? This article is the first in a series of articles aimed at helping you make an informed choice when faced with this challenge.

Practicing Piano with a Metronome

Practicing piano with a metronome can be difficult at first. No lie. I know this because I remember the difficulty I had when I first started out playing piano. I also know this because of my experience teaching beginning piano students. But the metronome is an extremely important training tool you can learn to use and even love. In this article, I’m going to share a few tips and techniques that will make learning how to practice piano with a metronome easier.