Every Thursday at 6:15

Piano Lessons and Song Writing
Gabrielle Takes Voice and Piano lessons. She also writes songs.

Jessica Holloway teaches voice and piano lessons in Denver, Colorado. After we got some pictures of her student Gabrielle’s trip to a local recording studio we asked Jessica to share a little about the lessons with her young protege.

Every Thursday around 6:15 I get greeted by Bowser, a 60 lb labordoodle and a bright young lady named Gabrielle. Our lessons are unconventional to say the least. For the last 8 or so months it has been a series of “check out this song I wrote this week.”
Voice lessons and song writing
Teacher, Student, and Recording Engineer



I started to notice what an incredible talent she was and suggested to her and her mom that we lay down some original songs in the studio. Our summer project was to perfect 5 originals. So we did!! She worked super hard and made these songs studio ready.

After 4 months of hard work, Gabrielle and I went to the Imagine Sound Studio in Littleton, CO and started the recording process. I gave her all the advice I had and she did the rest. It was amazing to see her flourish even in the two hours we were there.She walked in completely clueless of what was going to happen and walked “spitting the studio lingo” like a pro!

We are almost finished. She will head in next week and lay down the vocals to the last few songs. The experience was unforgettable for the both of us and it was confirmation for me that there is nothing else I would rather be doing with my time!
Story by Jessica Holloway
Music lessons
Piano lessons and voice lesson teacher Jessica Holloway

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