Career Possibilities Opened Up Through Taking Music Lessons

Career Possibilities Opened Up Through Taking Music Lessons

Learning to read, perform, compose or otherwise practice music has a vast multitude of benefits. In addition to cognitive, health, and social benefits for example, a future-minded student will be pleased to know that there are many exciting career possibilities being a student of music can lead you to. Here are 5 careers in music taking music lessons can help make a reality.


Performing Musician

Guitar Lesson

There are so many occasions for which musicians get the opportunity to perform live for others. Just think of all the exciting places you already here live music. You can play for an audience as they enjoy a meal at restaurants. You can perform heart-felt love songs for families at weddings. You can be a part of an ensemble that provides the live music accompaniment for plays. You can be a part of the laid-back jazz band you see jamming out at an amusement park. The list truly goes on and on within this category.


Recording Musician

As opposed to performing live, there are many reasons a musician would choose to only record music. Maybe this is what he or she enjoys more, or maybe they enjoy the flexibility and convenience of working solely from an in-home studio. Regardless of the reason, in many ways it’s easier than ever for a musician to base their careers on recording. Equipment is improving in quality and decreasing in price. There are many online resources to learn about the recording process, and many ways to promote one’s music online. If you don’t want to record your own music, you can hire a music producer to help you with this process.



Career Possibilities In MusicHave you ever wanted to be the one who stands in front of the band and waves the stick around? While being a conductor is much more involved than that, it is an exciting career for someone with the desire to take a piece of music and assist an ensemble in bringing it to life for all to hear. Being a conductor entails standing in front of and interacting with different musical groups, discussing the purpose of the music being played and helping the group perform the work however the conductor envisions. It is a very fulfilling career choice for anyone who loves to analyze written music and engage with music groups of any size.



Musicians are typically very creative individuals, many of whom find deep satisfaction in creating works or music of their own. There are music notation websites and the Gadgets Page offering software that makes composing music easier than ever. Composers write music for a variety of purposes. Almost every film you see these days has a musical score that someone composed to make the visual aspect of the film much more compelling. You can compose music with or without words, including as little or as many instruments as you want. Taking music lessons provides you with the building blocks you need to be able to build your own musical masterpiece.


Music Teacher

Coming from a private music teacher, this career is impossible to leave off the list! Being a music teacher allows musicians to bond with their own music students as they pass on their skills. Seeing students improve their musical abilities over time is such a rewarding experience. It is a wonderfully social music career that can take place in a variety of settings. Music teachers can work in a school with larger groups as a band or orchestra director, or music teachers can work privately, offering individual lessons in their home or the student’s home. If you are currently taking music lessons, ask your music teacher why they love their job!

See you in the music world!


Article by Tori Valerio, Flute, Guitar, Piano, Trumpet, and Ukulele teacher in Orlando, FL.

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