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Zarni De Wet

Zarni De Wet

Instrument(s): Piano, Voice

City: Seattle


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About Zarni De Wet

Zarni is a graduate from the Berklee College of Music where she completed a double major in Music Education and Songwriting. During her time at Berklee, Zarni was the recipient of two large scholarships: The Korg Endowed Scholarship (For skills as an Early Childhood Educator) and the Scott Benson Scholarship (Berklee's highest award for Songwriting). She worked hard to improve her skills as a pianist/singer and songwriter and was open to the suggestions made by her professors. She was also able to play one of her songs for John Mayer on one of his visits to the college along with 12 other songwriters. For the last five years, Zarni has taken teaching just as seriously as improving her skills as a musician and she taught several private and group lessons at the West End Boys and Girls club (Ages 10-18) for piano, voice and songwriting. She grew extremely close with many of her students over the course of two years, as she watched them develop musically and personally. Zarni also became a friend and mentor to many of these students.

In the summer of 2010, Zarni went abroad to Cyprus to write, choreograph and direct a short play for students whose first language was not English, and the goal was to get these students comfortable talking and singing in English. Parents praised the final performance and they were so proud of their kids and so surprised by their confidence on stage. In the summer of 2011 Zarni was the Vocal Director for Berklee's Day Sessions Summer Program and she worked with a different group of vocalists each week on preparing for a final performance. These experiences have shaped Zarni so much as a teacher and she believes strongly in making music enjoyable for all students.

Zarni not only loves teaching piano lessons and voice lessons in Seattle, but learning from her students and being introduced to the styles of music that THEY love to play and sing. Her classical, jazz and pop background allow lessons to go in a variety of directions; whether students want to learn Taylor Swift, Beatles or Bach! She is an honest teacher that tries to provide poignant feedback to her students at all times so that they never feel overwhelmed by the tasks at hand. Music is a language and Zarni wants to help her students find their own way of expression, as she guides them in learning how to put the words together.

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