Teacher Profile: Wilfredo Aiello

Wilfredo Aiello

Wilfredo Aiello

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Guitar

City: Miami/South Florida


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About Wilfredo Aiello

Wilfredo Aiello is a passionate music teacher who believes that everyone has special talents and needs a patient professor to help them explore their musicality! He enjoys teaching what he loves: Music. Mr. Aiello is a certified music teacher offering over twelve years of experience working with students in both western and classical music, distinguished by professionalism and great communication skills.

Wilfredo has advanced knowledge in teaching students using various music instruments like guitar, bass and piano. He also has a comprehensive background in leading musical shows and orchestras. Mr. Aiello has enjoyed his participation in the last three FIU International guitar festivals here in Miami and he has guided students participating in inter-school musical shows, competitions and different musical presentations - Festivals and orchestras.

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