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Veronica Bolin

Veronica Bolin

Instrument(s): Piano

City: Houston


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About Veronica Bolin

Veronica has been playing the piano since she was eight years old. her family was not musical, but her mother thought a grand piano was a nice piece of furniture. She would play with the piano almost every day until her family finally enrolled her in a group lesson.

Veronica obtained a BA in Music with a concentration in Piano Performance from the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas. She gained extensive knowledge of classical piano, music theory, music history, and piano pedagogy. From there she began teaching piano. What started out as a summer job became a lifelong career as she found it was something she really enjoyed and was good at. Eventually, she became a member of the Texas Music Teachers Association. This allows her to keep up with current trends and technology in regards to teaching.

Aside from classical piano, Veronica broadened her horizons by joining a rock band where she played an electric keyboard. This allowed her to develop improvisation skills and learn how to play by ear. Being in a band really gave her the creative freedom she wanted to explore writing original music and collaborating with others. She still uses what she learned during this time to help her students write their own music if this is a goal they have, or just as a fun exercise.

Veronica has experience teaching all ages and abilities of students. She evaluates each student closely to develop unique lesson plans for each. Making music lessons fun and engaging is the main goal of hers. The most important thing Veronica wants to instill in her students is a love for music. The most progress happens when students are excited about what they are learning.

Veronica knows the important role any music teacher has in the lives of her students. All of Veronica's teachers in her childhood made a lasting impression on her and inspired her to be one herself.

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