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Taylor May

Taylor May

Instrument(s): Guitar, Oboe, Piano, Voice, Mandolin, Banjo, Ukulele

City: Denver


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About Taylor May

Taylor is a multi-instrumentalist from Fort Worth, Texas with a background in bluegrass, stringed instruments, and songwriting. From a very young age, around 2 or 3, Taylor would sit at the piano and sound out songs she knew. She quickly came to understand and visualize pitch on the keyboard and became a self-taught pianist. At the age of 11, Taylor received a guitar from her great-grandfather, and taught herself how to play basic chords. She received a banjo and mandolin the next year after he passed, and taught herself the respective chords, developing an understanding of fretted string instruments and their similarities. While learning banjo and the different styles of picking and frailing, Taylor grew tremendously in skill with guitar and other stringed instruments, realizing that knowing more instruments encouraged deeper understanding of music altogether. At age 12, Taylor entered school band where she learned oboe. She was introduced to music theory and composition, and her insight on music completely widened. She is now able to teach others of all ages and all learning abilities music and instruments in a way they can understand, retain, and enjoy.

Taylor has successfully taught over 200 music students, oftentimes moving her students onto a 2nd or 3rd instrument. Some of her private students are successful musical theatre performers and orchestral band members, having performed at places like Casa Mañana Broadway Theatre and Bass Performance Hall. Taylor has experience in audition preparation for school plays and programs, as well as guiding students in writing, producing, and sharing their original music. Taylor's students love working with her, and her approach as a musician who is self-taught gives her a unique perspective on music that few others have.

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