Teacher Profile: Sean Brogan

Sean Brogan

Sean Brogan

Instrument(s): Guitar

City: Orlando


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About Sean Brogan

Sean Brogan is an Orlando, Florida based composer and musician. He is currently finishing his final year studying at the University of Central Florida, pursing a bachelor's degree in music composition under Dr. Alexander Burtzos. There Sean has collaborated with other local artists and attended numerous masterclasses in music composition and performance.

Sean has played guitar for more than half of his life and has studied under Samuel Mills and Dr. Eladio Scharron. He has played music from as far back as the Baroque and Romantic period but is also fluent in more modern guitar styles like mathrock and metallic hardcore.

Sean's approach to teaching stems from his love for composing . By breaking down the music so that students can understand more than just the surface level, the learning process becomes less intimidating, much more enjoyable, and allows for more realistic progress. Looking at music on both the macro and micro level makes it is easier to find passion in the process and work towards achieving each student's individual goals.

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