Teacher Profile: Sawyer Rachuig

Sawyer Rachuig

Sawyer Rachuig

Instrument(s): Guitar, Voice, Ukulele

City: Dallas


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About Sawyer Rachuig

Sawyer is a singer, guitarist, and ukulele player who taught himself how to play when he was in middle school. He studied voice under well renowned Christian voice instructor Suzanne Davis. He's been teaching guitar, ukulele, and voice for many years. He went on to compose music for digital media fairs and musical competitions for Rockwall Highschool. He took home the Gold Award in Rockwall Highschool's 2017 Digital Media Fair. He played in several bands and performed at talent shows and concerts all over his hometown. He was inspired by many different musicians, each for a unique reason. He loves Johnny Cash for his deep voice and story telling ability. He loves Jimmy Page for his rock and roll riffs. He loves Kirk Hammett for his technical excellence. He loves Brian May for his inventive creativity. Brian May actually built his guitar with his father using parts he found in salvage yards. It took years.

Sawyer is a dedicated teacher who cares about his students and becomes their number one supporter. Lessons with him are fun and engaging, and he wants nothing more than have his students feel good about themselves as they embark on their musical journey.

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