Teacher Profile: Ryan Stevens

Ryan Stevens

Ryan Stevens

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Guitar, Mandolin, Ukulele

City: Denver


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About Ryan Stevens

First picking up the guitar in 1998, Ryan developed a love for all genres of music throughout the course of his career. Starting with rock, punk, and metal, he was eventually drawn to bluegrass, jazz, and more progressive music as well. Ryan has now been teaching professionally for over 10 years specializing in songwriting and music theory.

Each lesson is catered to the individual's interest. Ryan believes it is important to build a foundation of strong rhythm and proper technique. Beginning with basic fundamentals and consistent practice habits, students can expect to work their way up to the music they love, breaking down the theory behind it all along the way.

Ryan's goal as a teacher is to help his students get the absolute most out of their instrument. Be that on guitar, bass, mandolin, or ukulele, students will find their voice and develop a musical personality of their own.

Ryan offers lessons to all ages and skill sets. Whether this is day one learning single string songs or the established musician looking for new perspective and advanced techniques, each week will be fun and challenging. Ryan looks forward to all of his lessons as each student nears their personal goal.

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