Teacher Profile: Rachel Barron

Rachel Barron

Rachel Barron

Instrument(s): Cello, Viola, Violin

City: Houston


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About Rachel Barron

Rachel began her music career as many kids do, in sixth grade when most are offered an elective. She knew she loved the cello early on, and worked hard with her teachers to advance into Texas Region and All State Orchestras. Throughout those years, she received scholarships to attend North Texas' Cello Camp and Baylor College Orchestra Camp. Rachel's gone onto receive her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from The Art Institute of Houston, and is currently pursuing a teaching degree in music education.

Rachel began teaching private lessons in high school, and realized she enjoyed it. She currently has a number of students in the Houston area, and receives great delight when they show progress from her lessons. Her focus is to grow their technique and skill level to be able to develop a love and passion for their instrument as she did. She enjoys growing this love with the student's parents, and really wants them to be as involved as possible in this development.

Rachel was a part of the Brazozport Symphony Orchestra from 2011- 2018 as the Principal Cellist, sole Librarian, and Manager of that Symphony. In 2019, she perfomered in an Evening Gathering concert series in Rosenberg. She currently is a cellist in the Galveston Symphony Orchestra. She is also a member of a band called the 5 Bar Blues. Her ultimate goal is to expose new kids to the pleasure of playing music, and hopes to be a part of the process in their lives.

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