Teacher Profile: Philip Capuzzi

Philip Capuzzi

Philip Capuzzi

Instrument(s): Bass, Cello, Piano

City: Miami/South Florida


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About Philip Capuzzi

Philip Capuzzi is a cellist, bassist, pianist, and composer, living in Miami, studying at the Frost School of Music. He has been heavily involved in both the jazz and classical traditions and has gleaned a lot of wisdom that he hopes to impart on the next generation.

Philip has performed at venues such as Dizzy's Club Coca Cola, Blue Note NYC, and the Adrienne Arsht Center, and studied with high profile musicians, including Andy McKee, Alan Harris, and Christian McBride. He has spent the last fifteen years building both his classical and jazz repertoire, and has a comprehensive method of how to build a plan of study for any student of any level. Despite his experience in these two well-established music traditions, he is a massive proponent of listening to and experiencing as many types of music as possible.

Philip is a compassionate teacher and prides himself as someone who deeply understands the learning process. While standard repertoire is essential to any musician's development, he will also spend time with more obscure music, to expand the ears of the student.

Philip is a fun and innovative teacher and works outside the box to keep his students engaged and enjoying the process!

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