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Nancy Drennan

Nancy Drennan

Instrument(s): Piano, Voice

City: Dallas


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About Nancy Drennan

Nancy Drennan is a pianist, songwriter, DJ, producer, and recording engineer who has been playing piano since the age of 7. Currently residing in Denton, Texas, she holds her Bachelors in Music from the esteemed University of North Texas with a concentration in classical piano, having studied under the likes of Steven Harlos, Joseph Banowetz, among many others. However, in addition to her classically trained roots, Nancy has an incredibly wide range of diversity in her musical taste & style.

As a child, Nancy was always tinkering with synths and electronics. Learning the ropes of how to record music on basic softwares like Garageband, she is now proficient with advanced softwares such as Ableton, FL Studio, and so on. Combining her passion for music with her self-taught knowledge on live production, she has made a name for herself performing for her own projects as well as others. In addition to being a highly active performer, she has also played a crucial roll in organizing and putting together large shows for local community and nightlife.

Nancy enjoys teaching students of all walks of life, and will tailor lessons specifically to your student's interests. She aims to help her students understand the importance of creative discovery as well as balance within style. Music theory, aural skills, agility exercises, sight reading, & technique all play an important role in her approach to teaching. In addition to the fundamentals however, each of her students will also always be working on at least one extra-curricular piece, usually to their choosing. Her goal is to make lessons fun and engaging for students, leaving them always looking forward to their next lesson.

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