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Melissa Rauda

Melissa Rauda

Instrument(s): Guitar

City: Seattle


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About Melissa Rauda

Patience and encouragement are two qualities that Melissa hopes to share with her students. Her desire to introduce others to the love of music makes being a guitar teacher her dream job. She is a great fit for children and students who are new to the instrument. Music education is important to her because she wants others to be able to enjoy playing music either by themselves or with others. Her musical tastes are always presenting her with new opportunities on the guitar. She enjoys playing around a campfire and loves to help others develop skills to perform.

Melissa sang in many choirs as a child and always loved music. During elementary school, Melissa learned to play the piano, taking private lessons. In high school, she began private guitar lessons, then continued on to accompany the local church youth group sing-a-longs. Melissa graduated from the University of Washington and then received her elementary teaching certificate at Seattle Pacific University. She worked at Seattle Academy of the Arts and Sciences and then started her own private math tutoring business, working with students of all ages.

Melissa plays guitar for the joy of it and hopes to share her passion with her LIYH students. She enjoys playing many styles of music so she has a classical guitar, an electric guitar, an acoustic guitar and even a resonator! Most recently, Melissa has been enjoying playing in a jug band. The combination of her love for the guitar and her many years of teaching lend to her natural excitement to teach music.

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