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Mark Richman

Mark Richman

Instrument(s): Composition, Piano

City: Washington, DC


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About Mark Richman

Mark Richman is a pianist, composer, and music educator with over 30 years of teaching experience. At the age of 10, Mark had the wonderful fortune of studying with the renowned female conductor Dr. Antonia Brico for 8 years in Denver, CO where Mark grew up. She was also the instructor for folk singer Judy Collins.

Although he was trained classically, Mark studied jazz and blues genres while attending Yale University 1968-71, which has been a large influence in his compositional style. In further music education, Mark studied music composition and performance at San Jose State University and Foothill College from 1980-82, where he worked with Julliard trained instructor Vic Morris.

Mark began composing music for piano as a teen, and later wrote for string quartet, Renaissance instruments, and jazz. While attending the University of Nevada, he composed, arranged, and performed jazz works to ballet choreography while attending and recorded at Grandmas studio there. Since living in the Washington area, Mark has collaborated with his wife, Bettina Bachman, a poet, on art songs. He is currently producing his 3rd album "Offshore".

In addition to his passion for creating music, Mark also has a deep love of teaching. His core teaching philosophy is to tailor instruction to each individual student. No two are alike, so no one method works for all. Above all, the student should enjoy music, and Mark strives to have his students do just that!

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