Teacher Profile: Luke Campolieta

Luke Campolieta

Luke Campolieta

Instrument(s): Bass, Bass Guitar, Guitar

City: Atlanta


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About Luke Campolieta

Luke was introduced to guitar at a young age by his older brother, who constantly played at home. It was his influence that lead Luke to explore music and explore the guitar. After picking up the guitar and following the guidance of his brother, Luke went on to study guitar on the collegiate level at Berklee College of Music.

While in school, he was exposed to a diversity of teachers, students, and surroundings. Having access to this culture allowed Luke to taste and appreciate all forms of music, and understand its meaning beyond the notes. It allowed Luke to experience music on a expressive and communicative level which still holds true for him today. It is from these experiences at Berklee that helped Luke identify himself as a guitar player, a person, and a teacher.

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