Teacher Profile: Leanne Lusko

Leanne Lusko

Leanne Lusko

Instrument(s): Guitar, Piano, Voice

City: Seattle


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About Leanne Lusko

Since Leanne was 3 years old she had a passion and a knack for music and rhythm. She took classical violin lessons at 4, piano at 5 and decided piano was her instrument from then on. As a young piano student, Leanne learned to sight read quickly and she naturally excelled at transposing the piano repertoire by ear which fed her growing love for theory and composition. She was eager to get involved in other opportunities to express her musical talent, so she joined her elementary and middle school choir and began accompanying for her music classes throughout her schooling.

Her miscellaneous musical endeavors include: studying Classical African (Cuban, Haitian, Brazilian) Rhythms from the Fremont Drum Shop with Will Matthews, taught herself to play guitar and sing, has performed in Seattle, New Mexico, and Juarez, Mexico, and has lead worship for Christian Women retreats in the Southwest and Juarez, Mexico (singing in Spanish), and has composed a booklet of thematic waltzes.

After completing 2 years of music at Shoreline Community College and studying with Jensina Byington and Margaret Brink, she decided to finish her college degree at the University of New Mexico, studying with Dr. Pamela Pyle. While in New Mexico, Leanne took a position as the Programming Director for Children's ministry at Calvary of Albuquerque and used her knowledge and experience in music to inspire the little ones to sing, dance, and have fun. "This could be the one time in the week where these kids ever have fun; I do my best to make it count." Upon graduating with her degree at University of New Mexico in Music in 2008, she learned of one 7-year-old who needed a piano teacher because hers had moved. Although never having taught before, she jumped in! She quickly fell in love with teaching, and the rest was history.

For the past 10 years, Leanne has taught a variety of students ranging from 4 year olds to 50 year olds, beginners to advanced. She began teaching lessons in the home when multiple homeschoolers heard of her teaching, and had asked to come over to the house. "I love getting to know the students with that level of openness. Being invited into their home is a great feeling and great honor. It allows me to show my support and care for the student as well as the whole family."

Currently, she spends her time teaching piano, volunteering for her son's elementary school's music programs, and raising her two young boys, and drinking lots of coffee.

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