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Jordi Lara

Jordi Lara

Instrument(s): Bass, Bass Guitar, Cello, Guitar

City: Atlanta


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About Jordi Lara

Jordi Lara is a multi-instrumentalist educator, session musician, and freelance performer based out of Atlanta. He received his Bachelors Degree in Cello Performance from the University of Georgia as well as a minor in Jazz Studies (electric/upright bass). During his time at UGA, Jordi furthered his classical studies on the cello under the instruction of Dr. David Starkweather while developing his technique and jazz idiom on both electric and upright bass under the guidance of Professor David D'Angelo and Dr. James Weidman of the UGA Jazz Department.

Outside of academia and pedagogy, Jordi has explored a wide range of non-classical and contemporary styles on both cello and bass, ranging from bluegrass and folk music to rock and pop. His work in these styles includes freelance live performances, studio performances and arrangements, and composing and performing original music with his Athens-based band Canary Affair. He is a strong advocate of the advancement of the cello outside of its classical role, while maintaining balance through incorporating scales and etudes on the practice routine each day.

As a private instructor, Jordi believes in implementing a strong technical foundation as well as productive practice habits and routines (ear training and theory, time management, release of tension, etc.). For each student, Jordi selects materials and methods that are tailored to meet their respective needs and goals. He enjoys helping his students formulate healthy performance and practice habits to ensure longevity of music making. Beyond pushing his students to achieve their personal musical goals, Jordi encourages them to be students of music as a whole and to not be limited by the traditional roles of their respective instruments. He believes in reaffirming that at the heart of this exchange of information and techniques is individual growth and expression through music.

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