Teacher Profile: Jonathan Yao

Jonathan Yao

Jonathan Yao

Instrument(s): Drums

City: Washington, DC


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About Jonathan Yao

Jonathan Yao started playing drums at the age of 15 in an attempt to emulate his favorite rock and roll bands. Coming from a classical music background, he was always more attuned to the rhythmic aspect
of music. It was the feel of the pulse that moved him deeply enough to become passionately obsessed about drums. In the summer of 2012, he was able to attend the Collective School of Music in New York.
It was there that he learned from industry professionals, coupled with private lessons and his own initiative to learn, he steadily honed his understanding of all drum set principles.

Because of his exposure to different levels of learning, he has formulated his teaching plans to cater to the individual needs of his students. There are methods of ear training on the drums that take time to learn, but is invaluable to becoming adept at deciphering rhythm. Drums are difficult to learn because of the coordination because they are as much a physical instrument as a musical one. Due to his understanding of the physical motions needed to develop coordination and independence, he was able to cross difficult plateaus in his drumming.

Practice was never an obligation for Jonathan. He enjoyed the study of all the various aspects of drumming, and he has always worked to instill that same passion in his students.

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