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Jonathan Alaniz

Jonathan Alaniz

Instrument(s): Guitar, Voice

City: Denver


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About Jonathan Alaniz

Understanding how artists write original songs, Jonathan Alaniz began learning piano and guitar at the age of 5. As a teenager, Jonathan started playing in different bands. Jonathan soon devoted his life to music completely and quickly established himself as an artist. Jonathan has been featured in many songs over the years in a wide range of genres with artists such as (Dot O, GOZO, and Jay Leaf to name a few). Other artists seek him out because he believes in adapting and finding a way to create the best sounds no matter what. Owner of a brand (O.T.I.N) and web platform, Jonathan has learned to make the most out of his ability to come up with original ideas. He considers creative intelligence to be his greatest asset and teaches overall artistic improvement.

Most lessons will involve reading sheet music and learning professional techniques, followed by a guided jam session/freestyle with a metronome or drumbeat playing in the background. This ensures that students improve on every level. The result is that they play more, and without knowing it are learning a skill that even the most talented musicians struggle with. They'll learn to establish presence. Going beyond your art and making a name for yourself is what allows creatives to start new projects, businesses, and earn sponsorships. So, each lesson is focused on students slowly mastering an art medium and quickly learning to practice creative thinking. This is a skill that is useful not only in the music industry but in many areas of life.

Jonathan Alaniz is set on finding ways to help artists thrive. His goal is to continue teaching the best lessons he can, growing as an artist, and continuing to create.

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