Teacher Profile: John MacDonald

John MacDonald

John MacDonald

Instrument(s): Bass, Guitar, Ukulele

City: Houston


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About John MacDonald

John is equipped with a decade of teaching experience in multiple subjects with his favorite subject as music. As a guitar player, John has performed live shows with several bands, recorded multiple albums, and has even toured across the country. Guitar is not his only instrument, though. He can also play the trumpet, piano, ukulele, and the bass guitar.

As a teacher, John is charismatic, fun, and is rife with information and techniques that can help any student reach their highest potential. With a wide array of knowledge in theory, composition, picking styles, ear training, and more, not only should he be able to satisfy whatever it is a student wants to learn, but also open them up to new ideas and styles that can push their playing to a new level.

John's other interests include Astronomy, taking long walks while listening to music, researching any random topic thoroughly, playing with and taking care of his three dogs, and just spending time with his wife.

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