Teacher Profile: John Erinosho

John Erinosho

John Erinosho

Instrument(s): Clarinet, Flute, Piano, Saxophone, Trumpet

City: Houston


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About John Erinosho

John Erinosho grew up loving music and he started music lessons at a tender age of 6. His music education began on recorder and piano. He developed a passion for wind instruments, piano and trumpet early on. His teachers also saw he had a strong ear and was able to play melodies without reading the music.

John believes that if he was able to learn music so easily, anyone else could do the same, which is a philosophy he brings in to each and every music lesson he teaches.

For a time John lived in New York where he played gigs and church concerts and eventually became a sought after Musician. In 2015 he moved to South Florida where he played Jazz in The Gardens and began teaching private music lessons. He organized and start a music school at his south Florida check church where students, both beginners and intermediate learned to play music and were inspired by Johns tutelage.

Currently John is studying at Texas Southern University to obtain his second degree in Jazz performance.

John Believes music is in everyone, they only need the spark to ignite the passion and the flame will burn forever.

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