Teacher Profile: John Abad

John Abad

John Abad

Instrument(s): Guitar, Ukulele

City: Washington, DC


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About John Abad

John Abad, born and raised in Northern Virginia, is a lifelong musician from the D.C. area. He's an active performer, educator, and session musician. John concentrated his collegiate studies in Music Production/Business at NVCC. He has been an active local educator since 2008, specializing in Guitar and Ukulele.

Passion, Consistency, Diligence, and Professionalism are important qualities for John in his teaching. His musical journey started with a stand-out experience of receiving his first guitar for his 11th birthday. Originally, he was self-taught and had a keen ear for sound. Excelling in aural skills and learning music theory in middle school was an important formative experience that paved the way for John. He also participated in 2 years of orchestra and learned the cello from 7th to 8th grade. He gained a liking and fascination with the way music functions as an expressive medium, as well as the range of possibilities. Shortly after middle school, he applied himself in guitar, and choir classes all 4 years of high school. He earned his Associates Degree in Music Production/Technology and Business. Along the way he picked up piano, ukulele and bass to add to his talents within this time.

John's confidence in his skill set landed him spots in numerous bands and fill in's throughout the music scene in the DMV, from playing in coffee houses to attending VANS "Warped Tour" and performing at the music festival each summer for bands. John's influences derive from the liking of Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, Chuck Berry, BB King, and Chet Atkins.

In his teaching, John has worked with students of various age ranges -- from young beginners through adults. His favorite part of teaching is seeing his students take their own journey and adventure with music based on their interests and growth through the process. John enjoys all the emotions that a person's musical journey entails and believes that patience, comfort, diligence and last of all fun is what it takes to be a great teacher and player.

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