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Jesse Wickman

Jesse Wickman

Instrument(s): Drums

City: Seattle


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About Jesse Wickman

Jesse Wickman is a working musician and drum instructor who has been playing for 36+ years. He is a passionate and dedicated player who began playing drums full time at the age of thirteen. Since moving to the Bay Area in 1989, he has proven himself to be a very accomplished and versatile musician. Mr. Wickman excels in all varieties of music, including jazz, improvisation, polkas, various styles of Latin, country, ska, rock, punk, and much more.

Jesse has compiled a long list of recording credits, both as a session musician and with his own creative projects. He has toured extensively throughout the U.S. and Canada and continues to maintain a very active performance and teaching schedule. He also has a great deal of experience with the performing arts (video games, plays, accompaniment, etc.) Mr. Wickman is a very fast learner with great music reading skills. He has always worked hard to stake new ground in drumming utilizing both his tasteful compositional stylings and his dynamic improvisation style. He possesses versatility and an ability to thrive in a wide range of musical styles.

Past and present bands of Jesse Wickman include Nuisance and Fifteen (Lookout Records ), Undertoad and The Conspiracy (Flying Harold Records), Army of Ants (jazz improvisation), Blindspot (ska), Edaline (Law of Inertia Records), Blue Ribbon (country), One Horse Town, Shelby Cobra and The Mustangs (Outlaw Country), Indie Rock band Inkwell , and Victim's Family (from S.F.). Many of these bands have been featured in the pages of Section M , The Independent, The Press Democrat, and other bay area publications.

As a teacher, Jesse was the percussion coach for Santa Rosa Accelerated Charter School and Maria Carillo High School bands for 7 years. As a musician, he records regularly with many bands in his studio including: Steve Roybal, Amber Lee and the Anomilies, Snag, The Mood, Trial by Combat and many more. Jesse has also been involved in a free jazz group since 1994 that was called Army of Ants and in 2001 played with Frenzy trio!

Jesse is now a beloved drum instructor at Lessons in Your Home in Seattle, Washington. Jesse's goal as an instructor is to foster the love of music and a joy for playing drums. He believes playing music with friends is very important in this process, so you can expect lessons with Jesse to be very fun, exciting and thorough for students of any age. Jesse's goal is to help ALL students achieve greatness and more so, confidence in their instrument to be able to perform publicly. His philosophy is that everyone loves music, and whether you are the performer or the listener, it brings us together!

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