Teacher Profile: Jeanette Smith

Jeanette Smith

Jeanette Smith

Instrument(s): Brass, Clarinet, Flute, Piano, Saxophone, Trumpet, Woodwinds

City: Denver


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About Jeanette Smith

Although Jeanette grew up on a farm where she had to work hard, music was her passion from a very young age. She began piano lesson around 7 and continued through college. Jeanette graduated from Atlanta Christian College with a double major in music and Christian Education.

Along the way she picked up several different instruments. Throughout Jeanette's career she has taught piano and beginner bands. To her it is very important for the students to have theory introduced from the beginning. They need to know why they are playing and what makes music make sense.

Jeanette has also been very involved in singing. She traveled with the Agape Players and has been in several community choral groups besides singing and playing in churches.

Besides students learning the mechanics of playing her biggest goal is for each student to fall in love with music, no matter the type or how it is performed.

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