Teacher Profile: Jacob Seither

Jacob Seither

Jacob Seither

Instrument(s): Guitar, Piano

City: Seattle


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About Jacob Seither

Jacob Seither is a songwriter, performer, accompanist, teacher and all-around musician. His musical journey began at the age of 4 and was fostered all through his early life. He received lessons from several of the best teachers/professors in Sacramento, California and performed regularly at churches, school performances and competitions. He began teaching at age 15 and thus began the development and fine tuning of his teaching methods.

Jacob incorporates all of his previous music experience into his teaching practice for both piano and guitar. He learned a lot of the nuances of what constituted an exceptional learning environment from his vast experience with different teachers and his Bachelors in Piano Performance at California State University Sacramento. A keen attention to the nuanced experience of the individual student is the foundation of effective teaching. What will inspire and thus encourage growth in the learning process is something unique to each student. Identifying those key factors sets the stage for the most engagement and actualization of potential possible. From this foundation, the student can then be introduced to the wealth of knowledge of musical theory, technique, and expression in a manner and pace catered to them.

Jacob believes that the path of understanding music is analogous to the path of understanding life. So much of his life experience has been cultivated through the journey of musical discovery. A student's capacity to learn, grow, and express in life will be greatly strengthened by their journey through the multi-faceted world of music. The highest aim we can strive towards is the actualization and expression of one's fullest potential- through both life and music.

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