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Grace Park

Grace Park

Instrument(s): Flute, Music Therapy, Piano

City: Washington, DC


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About Grace Park

Grace is a D.C. based music instructor who teaches private lessons on piano and flute. In addition to her instrumental teaching background, Grace is also a music therapist who draws inspiration from this area in her own teaching. She started taking piano lessons at the age of five and then added flute lessons to her areas of focus in middle school. She studied both instruments extensively, in conjunction with music theory. Grace continued to take piano lessons throughout the years to accompany and arrange music, which has helped her teaching private lessons. As she practiced both instruments, her interest grew more towards the flute and decided to classically train for competitions and to professionally study flute in college.

Grace earned a bachelor's degree in flute performance with a minor in music theory from the University of North Texas and a master's degree in music therapy with a minor in special education from Texas Woman's University. Grace teaches flute, piano, and adaptive lessons for students with special needs in the Washington, DC metro area. She has worked with students from five years of age to adult students in the private lesson settings.

Over the years, Grace has worked with students of various levels and interests and has had the opportunity to assist students with their recitals and competitions. Grace also had the opportunity to start her music therapy internship at MD Anderson Cancer Center and at that time, she worked closely with pediatric patients with providing traditional and adaptive music lessons using their favorite songs. In conjunction with music therapy services, Grace continued to teach traditional private lessons. Her background in music therapy has helped her in many areas of teaching. She believes that everyone has the abilities to learn and enjoy music as each student has different learning styles and strengths that can be incorporated into lessons to meet his or her musical goals. Grace's passion is in teaching and engaging with students of all ages. She loves seeing progress in each student and student's passion for music makes her job very exciting.

Grace teaches standard method books as well as pop songs that students love listening and singing. She also puts an emphasis on music theory and aural training, as these skills serve as the foundation for all musical learning. When Grace is not working as a music instructor, she enjoys long-distance running and hiking.

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