Teacher Profile: Gabe Grieser

Gabe Grieser

Gabe Grieser

Instrument(s): Bass, Drums, Guitar

City: Seattle


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About Gabe Grieser

Gabe Grieser is an experienced songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Gabe is also a certified teacher with an endorsement in elementary education. As a private music teacher, Gabe teaches drum, bass, and guitar lessons. He has been playing drums for twenty years with lessons in traditional, rock, and jazz drumming. Gabe played percussion in high school concert band and jazz ensemble in college. He has been playing guitar and bass for almost as long.

Gabe lives and breathes the magic of music. He has played guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards in a number of bands, and is an avid home recorder. He has produced, written, performed, and recorded over 20 albums. Before entering the education world, to support his music he had worked as a gas station attendant, a barista, a dishwasher, and even a content analyst for a major airline. Gabe earned a BA from the University of Washington in Communication and a teaching certificate from Western Washington University. During the day Gabe works as a substitute teacher and academic tutor.

When teaching music lessons to students, particularly those who are new to an instrument, Gabe likes to include basic music theory and instrument care along with technique. It is very helpful for students to know how to properly tune their instrument, change strings or heads, and understand what each part of the instrument does and how it affects the tone.

Teaching music lessons in Seattle and being involved in young peoples lives is a passion for Gabe and he loves every minute of it!

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