Teacher Profile: Dyce Kimura

Dyce Kimura

Dyce Kimura

Instrument(s): Guitar, Piano, Voice, Ukulele

City: Miami/South Florida


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About Dyce Kimura

Dyce's action-packed lessons get aspiring students learning real songs in no time--all while teaching them music theory and scales that connects the music to relatable, practical theory. His custom-tailored lessons are based on this realization. "I know that all of my students are unique, both as people, and as musicians," Dyce states, "so I realized that my lessons should celebrate these differences." Instead of following a rigid, "cookie-cutter" approach to teaching, he makes allowances for these differences, and custom tailors a lesson plan that enriches their musical tastes, goals, and strengths. Dyce has learned, over two decades of playing and teaching professionally, when to push students--and when to stay out of the way. This sort of expert guidance helps students flourish, because they learn music on their own terms.

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