Teacher Profile: Dreco Salgado

Dreco Salgado

Dreco Salgado

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Guitar, Ukulele

City: Houston


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About Dreco Salgado

Dreco Salgado is a musician from Houston, Texas who believes that learning music can not only improve one's ability to play an instrument, but also teach valuable lessons about problem solving and creativity in the future. Born in Miami Florida, Dreco began studying Guitar, Ukulele, and Bass at the age of 14. Hooked by the improvements in his GPA in high school, Dreco continued practicing and developing his craft.

Dreco has played as a studio guitarist for multiple bands and continues to assist the local music scene with other bands in the Houston area, whether it be assisting with guitar, bass, and vocals, or with song writing. Dreco has a passion not only for creating his own music, but cultivating the local music scene by helping like-minded musicians.

Dreco began his teaching career by providing private sand volleyball lessons to local youths. This experience has taught him to push through the unresponsiveness of children through creative lesson planning. Dreco prioritizes the enjoyment of the lesson and engagement of the student above all else, tailoring each lesson to an individual student. His love for teaching inspired him to take on more students and eventually assist in coaching a whole team.

Since coaching a juniors volleyball team, Dreco Salgado has focused his time and efforts into improving the problem solving and analytical skills of young minds, while also engaging students with fun and creative lesson plans. Dreco's approach to teaching is to cultivate an interest in his students through enjoyable lessons and encouraging them to continue practicing out of the sheer enjoyment of the lessons.

Eager and excited, Dreco offers lessons to all ages!

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