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Diego Azuga

Diego Azuga

Instrument(s): Drums, Guitar, Piano, Violin, Voice

City: Washington, DC


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About Diego Azuga

Diego is a NoVA based Drum, Guitar, Piano, and Violin instructor who works with students of all ages and abilities. Music has been a part of Diego's life from a young age, and his passion for sharing his art with others naturally led him to music education.

From an early age, Diego's musical endeavors exposed him to a variety of teachers, influences, and performance opportunities. He has on-stage and off-stage experience working with musicians of different backgrounds, and they have certainly shaped his passion for music in all of its forms. After being part of Loudon county's guitar orchestra and youth symphony (for violin), he found himself participating in wedding ensembles, South American folk bands that often performed in partnership with Smithsonian museums, jazz-fusion performances at National Harbor in MD, and many more at local venues in the Richmond area. Diego then graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2017.

Diego's early passion for music led him to study several instruments formally during his childhood through high-school years. He began studying music at the early age of 4 on the violin and continued on this instrument for 15 years, primarily using the Suzuki method. He would then insist on taking piano lessons at the age of 10, where he began by using Bastien piano methods. At the age of 13, he was introduced to the world of classical guitar using Hal Leonard, Christopher Parkening, and Carulli methods, as well as Drum and Percussion study. His favorite composer to play on guitar is Francisco Tarrega, and on piano it ranges from Chopin to Einaudi -- it all depends on the mood of the day. With Drums, he has enjoyed exploring both contemporary and jazz styles, especially in the Rock and R&B genres. Diego still enjoys playing through Suzuki repertoire on violin, especially Bach and Vivaldi, but also likes to study a broad range of genres. For example, he's worked on a series of Irish jigs as a result of a personal challenge from a student. He believes that creativity is like a muscle that relies on discipline and proper technique -so as to be able to express not only what a composer has written on sheet of music, but also your own personal thoughts and feelings through music.

Diego has been an active local music educator in the NoVA area since 2015 teaching his 4 main areas -- drums, violin, piano, and guitar. He believes it is important to nurture an appreciation for music while studying technique and theory, no matter the instrument of study. Whether it is classical or contemporary music that a student leans towards, Diego is sure to draw on his own personal experiences to shape the long-term lesson plan with aspiring musicians. When he looks back on his own music lessons as a child, he enjoyed renditions of radio hits and scores from his favorite movies (followed by a bit of Bach), so this is an element he brings to all his students' studies -- connecting through the music they love and enjoy, and helping them discover new favorites.

Diego currently works with an exciting and vibrant group of students. He loves that he can continue to learn more about education and music by guiding them, and because of their joy and curiosity, he becomes more passionate about teaching music everyday!

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