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Delia Briggs

Delia Briggs

Instrument(s): Piano

City: Denver


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About Delia Briggs

Growing up surround by musicians in her family, Delia has developed a profound love for the world and language of music. She started taking piano lessons as a young toddler and is classically trained under her teacher Dr. Joyce Shupe Kull. Throughout her childhood, she focused mainly on her piano studies by participating in the American College of Musicians national piano guild auditions for 10 years. In 2017, she also received the Sonatina Award through the piano guild. She was in choir and school musicals throughout her young education and spent time learning other instruments such as violin and guitar. In her freshman and sophomore years, she played keyboard in a ensemble band for a club called YoungLife.

During her junior year of high school, Delia began taking students for private lessons and loves bringing the joy of what music has to offer. Although she has the most experience working with younger kids, she enjoys teaching all different ages. She loves incorporating fun games and activities with children during their lessons to promote a positive and fun learning environment. As a young piano instructor, Delia finds that connecting with her students on a basis of patience and empathy is very important to a successful student-teacher relationship.

Delia is currently continuing her education while also enjoying her passion of teaching and continuing to learn in both piano as well as martial arts. Delia is very excited to meet students and share the enriching gift of what music can bring into their lives!

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