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David Sigh

David Sigh

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Piano, Trombone, Tuba, Euphonium

City: Houston


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About David Sigh

A music composition student at the University of Houston, David Sigh is well-versed in the classical, contemporary, and jazz musical styles. His composition portfolio focuses on these areas while still delving out into more popular styles and genres. His portfolio covers contemporary art music, jazz, film music, and modern pop. Aside from his formal musical education, he consistently engages in learning and practicing new instruments, methods, and pedagogy. David is extremely knowledgeable in music theory and has a fundamental understanding of many different styles.

The trombone is the primary instrument that he's been playing for over a decade now. Ensembles he has been a part of have played at Bands of America contests, Music for All events, the Midwest Clinic, and many other events.  Since high school, he has been in two collegiate All-State Bands, the Woodlands Youth Symphony, as well as the professional Woodlands Symphony Orchestra, several different jazz bands, chamber groups, and the University of Houston Symphonic Winds ensemble.  Over the last six years, David gained piano proficiency and picked up the electric bass guitar. These instruments offered new challenges and have proven to be rewarding in allowing new and different musical perspectives and collaboration opportunities.

David is currently completing his final year of University and hopes to continue teaching upon graduation. With his degree, he hopes to work within a major symphony orchestra or similar ensemble and eventually gain a position as a composer in residence.

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