Teacher Profile: Dane Ruckstuhl

Dane Ruckstuhl

Dane Ruckstuhl

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Guitar, Piano, Violin, Ukulele

City: Houston


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About Dane Ruckstuhl

The intrinsic language of music has been a life-long pursuance for Dane Ruckstuhl as the tradition of music has been passed down and practiced throughout many generations of his family. From banjo folk tunes to jazz piano, Dane practices a wide variety of genres, instruments, and techniques. Starting off as a classically trained violinist, he has self-acquired the discipline of guitar and bass. Soon after, he has also taught himself piano, vocals, and drums as was necessary for his prospects as a producer. He's produced many original works and has developed an acute understanding of the physics of sound and music, but has also performed with the Lone Star College Jazz Ensemble on bass and has performed at weddings and events; both as a guest bassist and as a front man for his band.

Dane is currently working towards a degree in acoustics and music to hone his self-developed skills which range from Violin, guitar, bass guitar, piano, singing, traditional Tuvan throat singing and overtone singing, melodica, recorder, synthesizer, harmonica, percussion, and producing. He is also a skilled videographer and photographer as he produces his own music videos for his own works as well as other artists. There is no separation of different disciplines of art as Dane has always had a synesthetic approach to teaching and writing music. He has recently performed at the Trilogy Brew in Spring and at Leon's Lounge in Midtown. In addition, Dane has recorded and released an album along with 6 EPs/singles.

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