Teacher Profile: Cristina Abouelias

Cristina Abouelias

Cristina Abouelias

Instrument(s): Violin

City: Houston


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About Cristina Abouelias

Always seeking the path towards growth and discovery Cristina has been challenging her musical and artistic capabilities since the young age of 5. She first learned the musical language and tone of the piano, studying under various teachers until she was 10 years old. Piano gave her the ability to communicate in a language that was very close to her heart and being, but it wasn't exactly the voice she was seeking. At the age of 10 she switched over to the violin and that is when she truly began to feel connected to the voice of her instrument. It took many years of work and practice to achieve the quality of voice she had desired, but challenges never stopped her.

Ms Abouelias performed with the Bay Area Youth Symphony as a child and moved on to UH Moore's School of Music where she studied under Andrzej Grabiec, Kirston Yon, and Mica Hassler for the latter part of her musical education. She learned the theory and the techniques needed to perform classical music, but soon realized that she still didn't feel at home with this voice. It took many years before she realized that her true passion was to find the unique voice she had within herself and with that passion she discovered jazz. She's currently studying the techniques of improvisational jazz while also better understanding and applying the theory that comes along with it. She works meticulously and diligently on her passion and she teaches her students with the same openness and excitement.

Cristina has been teaching violin privately since 2011 and has enjoyed every moment of it. The opportunity to transfer and share all the knowledge she has worked so hard to understand and achieve herself is exciting and rewarding. She enjoys teaching students of all ages and abilities and can find various angles to approach a single topic in order to help the students understand and grow. She says "This life is a journey and music is such a wonderful aspect of it." She hopes to help every one find and understand their own strengths and passions and to use that gift to inspire others along the way.

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