Teacher Profile: Chris Freeman

Chris Freeman

Chris Freeman

Instrument(s): Drums, Percussion

City: Denver


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About Chris Freeman

Chris is a Professional percussionist originally from the Dayton Ohio area. He has been drumming since the bright young age of 4 years old when receiving his first drum set. Chris has now been drumming on the professional level for well over 15 years.

Chris has a background that has been shaped by a wide range of musical influences and experiences. His early instruction came at the hands of an uncle with a degree in music composition, and was an instructor and adjunct professor at the collegiate level. This left an indelible impression on young Chris and led him to playing in the drumline at his elementary school band as well as his Grandfathers church and other local churches. By the time he reached high school, Chris had garnered such a reputation that led to several opportunities as the "house drummer" for several larger local churches. This sparked the beginning of him playing on a semi professional level.

Chris continued to sharpen his music reading abilities by teaching classes for elementary and junior high after school music programs at local churches and recreational centers. While in high school, Chris was one of the most sought after football players in the midwest and held over 60 full scholarship offers from the likes of such schools as Florida, Ala, Ohio state and many more. After College he received and participated in various workouts for NFL and CFL before hanging up his cleats and focusing entirely on try to perfect his craft as a professional musician.

Chris has been a part of many big projects and has recorded on numerous records over the years. Chris has also been blessed to receive various drum endorsements. After relocating to Denver, now he is focused on performing with his band, playing in various recording sessions, and also still plays heavily in the Church when he can.

More than anything, his love for music continues to grow more and more each day. Chris loves helping young ones, beginners and even season musicians find their identity not just behind the drums but in music overall.

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