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Celine Baldevia

Celine Baldevia

Instrument(s): Piano

City: Seattle


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About Celine Baldevia

Celine cannot imagine her life without a piano! Since she was born, she was fascinated watching her older sister tickle the ivories and couldn't wait for her first lesson at age 6 in the tiny island of Guam where she spent her childhood playing at the beach, listening to her parents' vinyl records, and learning the fundamentals of piano. She then moved to South Korea at age 9 with her family and continued lessons there. After discovering a classical piano CD her mom owned, she was determined to learn the acrobatic artistry these geniuses composed. While learning to play classical piano, she fell in love with the process of learning new pieces and the technique and artistry involved with performance. As a dedicated artist, she enrolled in many art and music classes during high school and attended piano school during the summers to find an outlet for her passion for classical music.

For university, Celine attended Seattle University where she studied Digital Design and Media. It was here that she discovered how to create her own compositions on a Digital Audio Workspace (DAW) to accompany her digital media projects. After graduation, she then worked in many industries as a Graphic Designer, Marketer, and now Instructional Designer where she creates online learning content in a corporate setting. During the pandemic, she began to dedicate more time to the piano and started her musical teaching journey! After many years of casually playing for herself, she was thrilled to teach a subject she is truly passionate about--music.

Throughout her life, music and her piano have always been there for her, and she believes that they are essential to her overall health and wellbeing. Celine hopes to give back to music by teaching budding musicians its healing powers. She believes that music education is not only teaching people how to operate an instrument, but how to access and intimately understand the human experience. She believes learning music is a transformative experience and lifelong endeavor that teaches discipline, delayed gratification, persistence, and empathy. She is excited to use her experience in teaching combined with her lifelong passion for music to pass down to her students!

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