Teacher Profile: Benjamin Sacks

Benjamin Sacks

Benjamin Sacks

Instrument(s): Bass Guitar, Drums, Guitar, Piano, Voice

City: Washington, DC


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About Benjamin Sacks

Benjamin Sacks is a multi-threat instrumentalist and singer/songwriter residing in Rockville, Maryland. Ben's main instrument is the guitar and he has been playing the guitar for almost 13 years. Ben plays and teaches many different styles of music ranging from Jazz to Metal. Ben has been playing the drums since middle school and he has been singing since he was in elementary school. Whether it was in theatre productions, choruses, or in bands, he found an excuse to sing his heart out. In addition to teaching many styles of guitar, voice, and drums, Ben also teaches the bass and piano which he also studied during his time at Montgomery College. Ben has worked with teachers like Jake Sheffer, Dr. Molly Donnely, Sungah Kim-Medwin, and Dr. Jarrell Crowder to hone his craft. After receiving his certificate of completion in jazz guitar performance at Montgomery College, Ben decided to follow his dreams of becoming a professional musician and teacher. He has since been living his dreams and is loving every minute of it. His biggest influences include Metallica, Iron Maiden, Guns and Roses, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Extreme, Santana, and many more.

Ben's passion and love for music is shown, not only in his own playing, but also in his teaching. Ben believes that piano is a great foundation for other instruments and he loves working with beginner students. Ben strives to make sure every student not only learns how to play music, but enjoys it and is excited about learning music. Ben's favorite book series to use in his lessons is the Alfred's basic method book series. His favorite part about teaching is when his students feel inspired by what they are learning. After all, isn't that what being a teacher is all about. That's Ben's philosophy; Passion, love, and inspiration.

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