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Arianna Reed

Arianna Reed

Instrument(s): Piano, Voice, Ukulele

City: Dallas


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About Arianna Reed

Growing up Arianna was always surrounded by music. Her family played a variety of instruments, so it was all she really knew. When she was old enough she asked her parents if she could start taking piano lessons, but she quickly gave up on that after a few months. She then decided to try playing the flute, and that was more her speed. It was not exactly what she wanted though. That being said, she gave up on music for quite some time.

When she entered eighth grade she became interested in singing and she decided to try joining her middle school choir. That brought her an abundance of happiness, but that was short lived because she ended up moving to a different state, and she had to make all new friends and figure out different extra curriculars she could get into. She was a freshman in high school around this time, and she began going to band and choir concerts that her school had as well as the plays and musicals that her high school theatre department had. She was hooked on theatre immediately (specifically the musical aspect of it), and she wanted to figure out how to get involved. After talking to a few of her new friends and her parents about it, she decided to sign up for choir the following year as well as audition for the musical her school was doing that year.

After making those decisions she began to flourish. She ended up getting a lead role in "High School Musical: The On Stage Musical" her junior year of high school, she was in advanced choir, and she was preparing for auditions for show choir as well as the theatre season for the following year. She ended up getting into show choir her senior year as well as varsity choir. Along with that she participated in Solo and Ensemble competition where she qualified to go to state but declined going because she wanted to focus on getting ready for college auditions.

She attended Hardin-Simmons University where she obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Musical Theatre. While she was there she attended SETC auditions where she was given the opportunity to attend the Open Jar Institute in New York City. She played several lead and supporting roles within the musicals at her university. Some notable roles include The Witch in "Into the Woods", Amy March in "Little Women the Musical", and Colin Craven in "The Secret Garden". Throughout her time in school she continued to take voice lessons and study music diligently.

She is currently working towards her Master of Arts degree in Theatre at Regent University as well as auditioning for musicals all over the DFW area.

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