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Annie Cowden

Annie Cowden

Instrument(s): Guitar, Voice

City: Orlando


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About Annie Cowden

Annie Cowden has been passionate about singing and performing ever since she can remember. She was always singing into hair brush microphones and wanting to play "Talent Show" games with friends and family as a kid. She did community theatre and choir growing up, and started taking private voice lessons in 7th grade and knew she wanted to pursue it! Annie was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. She has studied with some of the top vocal teachers in the state and country. Annie studied vocal technique, formerly known as Speech Level Singing, the same technique used by many stars today. She worked with Broadway performers, directors and agents, and kept receiving more and more performance opportunities. Annie studied musical theatre at Utah Valley University, as well as several summer programs in Manhattan.

Annie has always been a "visionary" and loved teaching, coaching, and directing others. She started teaching private voice lessons in 2017, but she wanted to learn more techniques and tools to help her students so she went on to certify in a voice teacher certification program through the Institute of Vocal Advancement, in which she participated in that training for a year and became an official certified vocal instructor.

In addition to musical theatre, Annie performs at events and loves making music videos. She enjoys the creative process and really taking an idea in her head and making it a reality. This is something Annie also helps her students with- dreaming big, setting goals, and being open to believing it could be possible. Annie is most known for her passion and energy for life, and especially being an advocate for following your heart.

Annie's goals are; first and foremost to help her students increase their confidence and develop a growth mindset so that they start to really see and believe that progress is happening; to provide clarity on exactly what the student is expected to practice over the week; to increase confidence both on and off the stage; to develop artistic skills in addition to technique; and create a safe environment where students feel comfortable and confident!

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