Teacher Profile: Aaron Blu

Aaron Blu

Aaron Blu

Instrument(s): Composition, Guitar, Piano, Voice

City: Seattle


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About Aaron Blu

Aaron Blu is a composer and performer. A summer course at the Berklee College of music at the age of fifteen sparked a fascination of performing original compositions. Aaron attended Vancouver School of Arts and Academics (VSAA). A public art school from sixth to twelfth grade. Over six years his vocal instructor taught Aaron to practice music in a self sustaining manner. At VSAA Aaron participated in vocal performances as well as state competitions. He competed in Washington State's Solo and Ensemble for five years as a soloist, in a duet, in men's ensemble and mixed ensembles. In school choir he studied and performed musical genres of concert, jazz, gospel, popular contemporary as well as American and international folk. Aaron received private piano instruction for four years while in school. Cultivating his improvisational skill and ability to tap into emotion as a catalyst to compose.

Aaron practices Tai Chi and sees the ergonomic longevity of the body as crucial to maximizing the artistic objective. An instrument is as much a tool for art as the body itself. Aaron's strengths lie in developing an organic and technical approach to music. Knowledge of how the body works naturally with the given instrument and complements that with an intellectual language of music.
A core belief Aaron holds is effort makes talent. Dedication, patience, practice and in turn experience from teacher and student develops artistry. Talent creates identity. A pivoting point to make decisions. Identity as an artist develops creative potential.

A perspective that allows the student to see how skill in one area relates to others. Regardless of dedication the student places in art long term, creative potential is attributable to any path. Passion, curiosity and wonder drive the creative adventure!

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