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How Do Cancellations Work With Lessons In Your Home

There are two types of cancellations within our school. The first is if you’re teacher cancels a lesson on you and the second is if you cancel a lesson on your teacher.

Your teacher cancels on you: If your teacher cancels your lesson, they will call, email, and or text to let you know with as much notice as they can that they will be unable your make a lesson. Your teacher might ask you about rescheduling but if you or they cannot reschedule the the lesson, they will record the lesson on their calendar as canceled and your account will be credited immediately. If you’ve already made a tuition payment, the credit will apply to the following months lessons.

You cancel a lesson on your teacher: If you need to cancel a lesson on your teacher please let them know as soon as possible. We don’t credit lessons canceled by our students but you can ask your teacher if they can reschedule the lesson. We require that you ask about rescheduling at the time you’re canceling rather then after the lesson day/time has passed.

If your teacher can reschedule the lesson (we do our best) it will be done in one of three ways: You and your teacher will decide on a separate day and time to make up the lesson. OR… Your teacher will double up on the next lesson and teach twice as long as a normal lesson length. Or… Your teacher will add time to multiple lessons. Ex. to make up for a canceled 45 minute lesson, you and your teacher can agree that he will add 15 minutes onto the next 3 lessons.

In either case, this will be properly visible on your MyLessons calendar.

For cancellations during the summer months please see: Summer Cancellations

For cancellations or what to do during holidays please see: Holiday Lessons

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