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5 Things To Consider When Looking For Guitar Teachers

At the end of the day, most potential students don’t care if a prospective teacher has certain accredited certifications or a degree in musical education from a prestigious musical academy. The qualification that matters the most is the ability to be a great teacher. As a parent, how do you qualify whether an instructor is

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Online Makeup Lessons – Things You Should Know

Things You Should Know Before Your First Online Makeup Lesson By Joseph D’Amico Skype and FaceTime can be used for online makeup lessons and other situations where you may not be able to follow a consistent in-person teaching schedule with your student. A bit of planning and preparation will go a long way towards ensuring

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Practice Techniques To Improve Your Drum Play

We have all heard the adage “practice makes perfect”. Yet practicing without focus seldom achieves a seamless playing session. When aiming to improve drumming techniques, beginners should focus on holding their drumsticks correctly, keeping their leg and arm movements in sync, and staying on beat. Focused practice sessions require measurable techniques of improvement. Setting benchmarks

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